Regional Work


ARC, BILD and Mencap brought people together for constructive dialogue in 9 Regional Summit Meetings around England.

Attending one of these events gave everyone the opportunity to talk and learn from people with learning disabilities and family carers from BME communities.

The National Charter for Inclusion has been launched and we invite you to sign up to it as part of your ongoing commitment to delivering quality services.




Use of the Charter

"I will use this to inform our own inclusion strategy which we are developing with the people we support. I will make sure that our self-advocacy groups and ambassadors are aware of the charter so that they can tell others too, and check we are achieving the goals."

"We will be looking to adopt the National Charter for Inclusion as part of our own updated single Equality Scheme, which will in turn recognise the requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duty, which places additional obligations on public authorities and those who provide services through public money."

"We will build the principles of the Charter into project planning and improve our outreach into the community."

"I will ensure that the charter is circulated and enforced by other professionals when working with all members of the community."

"We will provide a copy for our service users, families and staff and plan to refer to the Charter in Induction and Diversity training."